About Troibox


I find life to be amazing! My inquisitive mind coupled with my desire to exploit every experience for all it has to offer, is a strong motivator to explore this existence with as much attention as I can give it.

I have come to realize that we all have a gift in us that we can use not only for ourselves but for the benefit of others. I have discovered that my gift just happens to be the ability to write! I intend to exploit, grow and develop this gift to the intended enjoyment of God Himself. 

We are all on a journey of self discovery, of refinement and to learn the lessons that have been set for us. I was not always this optimistic, my life began slow and hard, difficult and socially awkward, uncomfortable and full of fear and anxiety. As I learn to trust God, He transforms me to be equipped to master life in humility and earnest. We all fail, we all have our weaknesses but the moment we set our determinations on living a life of purpose we can begin to walk out our destiny that God has planned for each and every one of us.

I hope to author many more books documenting my discoveries and insights into what God has brought me through for the purpose of being of service to your life to enrich it and to inspire you to live to your calling.